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Acronyms of Organizations, Programs, and Commonly Used Terms

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AAA Area Agency on Aging
AARP American Association of Retired Persons
AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
ABA American Bus Association
ACB American Council for the Blind
ACCT Agency Council on Coordinated Transportation
ACSC Ambulatory Care-Sensitive Condition
ACT Association for Commuter Transportation
(Project) ACTION Accessible Community Transportation In Our Nation
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
ADART Autonomous Dial-A-Ride Transit
ADEAR Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral
ADL Activities of Daily Living
AFL-CIO American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
AHCA Agency for Health Care Administration
AMPO Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations
AoA Administration on Aging
APC Automatic Passenger Counter
APHSA American Public Human Services Association
APPI Affiliated Power Purchasers International
APR Annual Performance Report
APRIL Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living
APTA American Public Transportation Association
APTS Advanced Public Transportation Systems
APWA American Public Works Association
ASDS Automated Scheduling and Dispatch System
ATMS Advanced Traffic Management System
ATNI Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
ATP Advanced Travel Planner
ATSSA American Traffic Safety Services Association
ATU Amalgamated Transit Union
AVI Automatic Vehicle Identification
AVL Automatic Vehicle Location
BRT Bus Rapid Transit
CAD Computer-Aided Dispatch
CATS Coordinated Agency Transportation System
CAUSE Council of Actions United for Service Efforts
CBD Central Business District
CBMS Community-Based Mobility Strategy
CCAM Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility
CCC Center for Community Change
CCTM Certified Community Transit Manager
CDBG Community Development Block Grant
CDC Child Development Center
CHF Children's Health Fund
CIP Community Integration Program
CLASS Act Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act
CMAQ Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality
CM(M)S Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
CMAQ Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality
COMTO Conference of Minority Transportation Officials
COP Community Operations Program
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
COTR Contracting Office Technical Representative
CRAC Community Resource and Assistance Center
CTAA Community Transportation Association of America
CTAP Community Transportation Assistance Program
CTC Community Transportation Coordinator
CTDF Community Transit Development Fund
CTPA Certified Transit Program Administrator
CTSP Community Transportation Service Plan
DATC Detroit Assisted Transportation Coalition
DBE Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
DBTAC Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers
DD Developmental Disabilities
DDOT Detroit Department of Transportation
DEA data envelopment analysis
DES Department of Economic Security
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Disability
DHR Department of Human Resources
DHS Department of Human Services
DOAP Downstate Operating Assistance Program
DOT Department of Transportation
DREDF Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
DSHS Department of Social and Health Services
EMS Emergency Medical Service
EPS Electronic Payment System
ESPA Easter Seals Project ACTION (Accessible Community Transportation in our Nation)
ETA Employment and Training Administration
ETI Evaluation and Training Institute
FBO Faith-Based Organizations
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FTA Federal Transit Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
GHG greenhouse gas(es)
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GPS Global Positioning System
HCFA Health Care Financing Administration
HoH Hard of Hearing
HOV High Occupancy Vehicle
HPSA Health Professional (or Personnel) Shortage Area
HSA Human Services Agency
HSTC Human Services Transportation Council
HSTP Human Service Transportation Plan
HUD Housing and Urban Development
ICADI International Conference on Aging, Disability and Independence
ICAT International Centre for Accessible Transportation
ICCT Interagency Coordinating Committee on Transportation
ICF Inner City Fund (now just ICF International)
IDOT Illinois Department of Transportation
ILRU Independent Living Research Utilization
IP Internet Protocol
IPTA Illinois Public Transportation Association
IRP Intermediary Relending Program
IRTIS Interregional Traveler Information System
ISO International Standards Organization
ITC Institute on Transportation Coordination
ITE Institute for Transportation Engineers
ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems
IVR Interactive Voice Response
JARC Job Access and Reverse Commute
LAC Local Advisory Committee
LCOG Lane Council of Governments
Loran-C Long Range Aid to Navigation
LTAP Local Technical Assistance Program
LTD Lane County Transit District
MAC Metropolitan Affairs Commission
MAG Maricopa Association of Governments
MAV Mini-unmanned Aerial Vehicle
MBE Minority Business Enterprise
MDT Mobile Data Terminal (also Mobile Data Computer)
MDTA Miami Dade Transit Agency
MDU Mobile Data Unit
MMS Mobility Management System
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPO Metropolitan Planning Organizations
MPSI Mobility Planning Services Institute
MSAA Mobility Services for All Americans
MTA Mass Transportation Authority
MUAs medically underserved areas
n4a National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
NAC National Association of Counties
NADO National Association of Development Organizations
NARC National Association of Regional Councils
NASUA National Association of State Units of Aging
NAWB National Association of Workforce Boards
NCAAC National Consortium for African American Children
NCD National Council on Disability
NCIL National Council on Independent Living
NCSL National Conference of State Legislatures
NCWD National Center on Workforce and Disability
NDRN National Disability Rights Network
NEMT Non-emergency Medical Transportation
NFTA Niagara Frontier Transit Authority
NGA National Governors Association
NHI National Highway Institute
NHSA National Head Start Association
NIDRR National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
NORC Naturally Occuring Retirement Community
NRC National Resource Center for Human Service Transportation Coordination
NRICGP National Research Initiative Cooperative Grant Program
NSC National Steering Committee
NTBA National Transit Benefit Association
NTD National Transit Database
NTOC National Transportation Operations Coalition
NYEC National Youth Employment Coalition
OCC Operations Control Center
OCP Ohio Coordination Program
ODA Ohio Department of Aging
ODOT Ohio Department of Transportation
OIC Operations Information Center
OVOC One Vision One Call
PACT Program for Coordinated Transportation
PASS Plan for Achieving Self-Support
PAT Port Authority of Allegheny County
PAV Public Access Videophone
PDS Professional Dispatching and Scheduling
PMT Passenger Miles Traveled
PMTF Public Mass Transit Fund
PSS Passenger Service and Safety
PVA Paralyzed Veterans of America
RDLF Rural Development Loan Fund
RDP Research Design Protocol
RITA Research and Innovative Technology Administration
RMC Regional Mobility Council
RSC Rehabilitation Services Commission
RTAP Rural Transit Assistance Program
RTC Regional Transit Council
RTIF Rural Transportation Investment Fund
RTP Regional Transportation Plan
RTPA Regional Transit Planning Authority
SAFETEA-LU Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: a Legacy for Users
SBIR Small Business Innovation Research
SCSEP Senior Community Service Employment Program
SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
SMOP Safe Mobility of Older Persons
SOV Single Occupant Vehicle
SRL Survey Research Lab
STAC Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee
STAR Sweetwater County Transit Authority
STP Surface Transportation Program
SUAS Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
SURTC Small Urban and Rural Transit Center (at NDSU)
TA Technical Assistance
TANF Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
TARC Transit Authority of River City (KY)
TATS Traveler Advisory Telephone System
TCIP Transit Communications Interface Protocol
TCRP Transit Cooperative Research Program
TD Transportation Disadvantaged
TDDS Talking Directory Display System
TDM Transportation Demand Management
TDP Transportation Development Plan
TE Transportation Enhancement
TEA-21 Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century
TERO Tribal Employment Rights Office
TIC Traveler Information Center
TIP Transportation Improvement Plan
TLPA Taxi, Limousine and Paratransit Association
TLPA Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Foundation
TMC Transportation Management Center
TPG Transit Partnership Group
TRANSED Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons
TRB Transportation Research Board
TRIPS Traveler Itinerary Planning Systems
TSAG Transportation Safety Advancement Group
TTAP Tribal Technical Assistance Program
U.S. DOT United States Department of Transportation
UIC University of Illinois at Chicago
UPT Unlinked Passenger Trips
UW United Way
UWR United We Ride
VLU Vehicle Logic Unit
VMMI Vehicle Maintenance Management Inspection
VMS Variable Message Sign
VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol
WBE Women's Business Enterprise
WIA Workforce Investment Act