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Build Capacity & Network

The field of mobility management is ever-evolving. Mobility managers are involved in many types of activities, from individual customer support, to planning responsive services, leading partnerships, pursuing funding, creating inventories of services, and more.

The National Center for Mobility Management is dedicated to supporting mobility management practitioners and building capacity among them by

  • Offering opportunities for networking
  • Providing resources
  • Educating on establishing and meeting performance measurements
  • Providing a window into the activities of mobility managers across the country

New to mobility management? Here are some resources to get started.

Networking with Mobility Management Practitioners

NCMM sponsors several avenues for mobility management professionals to connect with each other:

Share Your Practices Database

The Mobility Management Information Practices (MMIP) database is a repository of promising mobility management practices that is searchable by

  • FTA region
  • Political jurisdiction (state, city, county)
  • Type of practice
  • Community demographic (rural, urban, etc)

We hope that gathering this information, including details about the practice and the context in which it was implemented, will assist other communities to make informed decisions about applying a particular practice within their own setting.

MMIP Contest--win a Fitbit Charge2. We know that there are innovative and amazing mobility management strategies being used across human services and transit organizations. To strengthen this tool, we need your input. Please send us your complete practice descriptions. The more information you provide about your strategies, the more useful the MMIP will be. Submit as many practices as you want between now and March 31st, and your name/organization will be entered in a drawing to win a Fitbit Charge2. Questions, please contact Judy Shanley, You can submit your practice via this form (one form per practice), or download this PDF and submit the completed file to

Performance Measures for Mobility Managers

As members of a growing profession, many mobility management practitioners are seeking to establish performance measures for their activities. Performance measures enable organizations and practitioners to

  • Outline expected activities to be pursued
  • Provide accountability to funders and end users on the effectiveness of those activities
  • Highlight areas where activities can be improved

Performance measures begin with specific, measurable, and realistic objectives and measure impact by analyzing input, output, and outcomes. For assistance on developing performance measures, use the resources on the Performance Measurement "By Topic" page.

Mobility Management—Where to Begin?

To support communities just beginning mobility management and to help existing practitioners develop their portfolio of activities, NCMM has gathered model mobility manager job descriptions, a listing of mobility management websites nationwide, and information on how transportation agencies are engaging in mobility management. View these here.

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