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Build Capacity for Transportation Coordination

Communities often express a strong desire to better coordinate transportation services and resources, but sometimes could benefit from more guidance in choosing strategies to do so. Below are resources linked to the basic building blocks of coordination.

1. Inventory Transportation Services

2. Identify Potential Partners in Coordinating Services

3. Identify and Prioritize Community Needs

  • View sample surveys of individuals, agencies, and transportation providers to identify community transportation priorities.

4. Identify Available Strategies for Coordinating Services

5. Identify Funding Sources

6. Establish Goals, Performance Measures for Activities

  • Training: Developing Performance Measures for Mobility Management & Coordination. Trainers from the Texas Transit Institute offer a two-day training to support FTA grantees and other practitioners in developing performance measures to support achievement of both mobility management and transportation coordination goals. (National Center for Mobility Management, 2013). E-mail or call us (866-846-6400) to ask about this training.
  • Learn more at the NCMM "By Topic" Performance Measurement page

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