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Coordinated Transportation Strategies


Vehicle Sharing Among Human Service Providers in Minnesota: Steps to Address Barriers (Minnesota Council on Transportation Access, written by Frank Douma and Thomas Garry of Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, September 2013). Discusses barriers to vehicle sharing among human services transportation providers and proposes solutions to overcoming those barriers. Although Minnesota based, recommendations can be extrapolated to any state.

Collaboration in Transportation Planning, Service Design, and Implementation: A Look Back at CTAA’s Institutes, 2006-2012 (Community Transportation Association of America, 2013). Presents a sampling of activities from the 10 national and statewide Institutes for Transportation Coordination.

The Infrastructure of Coordination (Community Transportation, Community Transportation Association of America, 2011). Reviews promising practices in coordinating transportation with infrastructure, planning, service delivery and customer needs.

Mobility Planning Services Retrospective (Easter Seals Project ACTION, 2011). Reviews more than 10 years of concerted efforts to help local stakeholders develop long-range plans to improve the coordination of transportation services for people with disabilities through the Accessible Transportation Coalitions Initiative (ATCI) and the Mobility Planning Services Institute (MPS).

Handbook for Creating Local Transportation Coordinating Councils in Colorado (Colorado DOT, 2008). Handbook written to assist Colorado communities in coordinating transportation resources and establishing local or regional coordinating councils. Most of the information is applicable to communities in any state.

Transportation Coordination Primer (Illinois Coordination Council, 2008). Provides many tools and templates for convening transportation coordination groups, creating memoranda of understanding among agencies, and many other activities.

Toolkit for Rural Community Coordinated Transportation Services (Transit Cooperative Research Program Report No. 101, 2004). Examines strategies and practices used to coordinate rural transportation services and identifies model processes used for local coordination efforts in rural communities.

Strategies to Increase Coordination of Transportation Services for the Transportation Disadvantaged (Transit Cooperative Research Program Report No. 105, 2004). Report of research into how communities can develop strategies for initiating or improving coordination of local and regional publicly funded transportation services for the transportation disadvantaged.