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Mobility Management Resources


The Complete Trip: Helping Customers Make a Seamless Journey (National Center for Mobility Management, 2016). Introduces the concept of the “complete trip”— from planning and booking the trip to paying for and embarking on the journey to negotiating the physical infrastructure (e.g., sidewalks, street crossings) associated with the trip. It encourages mobility managers to anticipate potential stumbling blocks that may be encountered by the people they serve along the journey and to be proactive in assisting people in achieving a seamless trip. (Word version)

Pathways to Transit Success: Fresh Ideas and Inspiration (CT Digital Magazine, Winter 2015). Includes commentary and ideas from community and public transportation leaders — both systems and individuals — who’ve taken action in one of the following five skill areas: 1) Taking Risks and Embracing Change, 2) Thinking Like a Business and Competing, 3) Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Customers, 4) Building Strategic Partnerships, and 5) Deploying Technology.

Mobility Management technical assistance to Ohio State Agencies (National Center for Mobility Management, 2014) NCMM provided in-depth technical assistance to Ohio Departments of Health and Transportation officials to support their work to implement a regional transportation approach that includes mobility management. Ohio was interested in leveraging federally funded grant resources across federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to address the transportation needs of its residents. Resources included in this CTAP: a framework for implementing a regional approach, case studies, and links to related publications.

Mobility Management: Connecting People to Transportation Services (Easter Seals Project ACTION, 2013). Contains information and resources on mobility management to help communities considering beginning or expanding a mobility management program or position.

The Participation of Human Services Organizations in Mobility Management: Results of a Rapid Response Study (Easter Seals Project ACTION, 2012). Details the results of the ESPA Mobility Management Rapid Response Study to understand the participation of human services organizations in mobility management.

Building Relationships Between Mobility Managers and Centers for Independent Living (Easter Seals Project ACTION, 2012). Compiles strategies and activities used in the program by representatives from Centers for Independent Living, or IL coaches, to inform mobility managers and other transportation professionals about disability issues.

Lessons Learned from the Mobility Management Independent Living Coaches Program and Mobility Management Outreach Activities (Easter Seals Project ACTION, 2012). Overview of two-year project to bridge the gap between the independent living and transportation communities, with a synthesis of lessons learned and recommendations for future work around mobility management.

The Roots of Mobility Management (American Public Transportation Association, 2011). A PowerPoint presentation adapted from materials prepared for and published in TCRP 53, 58 and 97.

Mobility Management Planning Study: Improving Rural Human Services Transportation Coordination through Partnership with 211/511, Office of Emergency Services (Caltrans, 2009). Results of a study on how to incorporate a “one-call” center for public transportation access to information about and referral to health and human services using long standing mobility management concepts for coordinating human services,transportation and emergency preparedness in rural areas.

The Business Case for Mobility Management (American Public Transportation Association, 2007). Looks at defining mobility management and its benefits from a business perspective for transit agencies.

A New Vision of Mobility: Guidance to Foster Collaborative Multi-Modal Decision Making (Transit Cooperative Research Program, Research Results Digest No. 65, 2004). Explores how building successful alliances with other organizations, both public and private, is essential to continued operations.

Emerging New Paradigms: A Guide to Fundamental Change in Local Public Transportation Organizations (Transit Cooperative Research Program, Report No. 97, 2003). Describes the major ways in which public transportation agencies, as well as agencies in other industries, can adapt and have adapted to the changes. The report encourages public transportation agencies to continue making these adaptations and to“pursue the new paradigm.”

Strategies to Assist Local Transportation Agencies in Becoming Mobility Managers (Transit Cooperative Research Program, Report No. 21, 1997). Presents a compendium of mobility management functions, identifies barriers to mobility management, includes findings drawn from seven case studies, presents actions to promote mobility management, and documents the results of technical assistance provided to two transit systems.


MAP-21 and Mobility Management (Partnership for Mobility Management, 2012). Archived webinar and slides explore the implication of MAP-21 funding legislation on mobility management activities.

Mobility Management Basics (Joblinks Employment Transportation Center, 2010). A 9-module, self-paced on-line course that begins by exploring the mobility management approach to transportation, how it evolved, and how it can be implemented in communities. Above all, it stresses that mobility management activities will be specific to each community's vision, resources, and priorities. It then explores transportation service strategies and funding for particular populations, with concrete examples in both the module and links to resources.

Mobility Managers: Connecting Job-Seekers and Other Community Members with Transportation (Joblinks Employment Transportation Center, 2008). Conversation with three mobility managers, two working in an urban setting and one in a rural setting, as they discuss their mobility management approach to solving transportation issues.


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