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One-Call and One-Click Services


Promising Practices: One Call/One Click Transportation Information Programs (National Center for Mobility Management, 2014).  Profiles single-point transportation information access provided by a one-call and/or one-click (OC/OC) service in five communites. Part of the NCMM Promising Practices in Mobility Management series. Communities profiled in this publication:

    1. OUTREACH Mobility Management Center, Calif.: Providing One-Call Transportation Services in a Customer-Focused, Case Management Context
    2. San Diego’s FACT, Calif.: A One-Call/One-Click Service Integrated with a Transportation Brokerage
    3. Scott and Carver County, Minn.: A One-Call Center Operated with a Centralized Data Warehouse
    4. Kansas City’s “Link for Care” Website, Mo.: A One-Click Service Integrated into a Medical Center’s Patient Information Site
    5. Michigan Statewide One-Call Service: Coordinated and Efficient Access to Help through 2-1-1 Service

Standardizing Data for Mobility Management (Transit Cooperative Research Program, 2013). Reports on research to identify opportunities for the standardization of data relevant to mobility management systems, focusing on realistically achievable objectives that can be attained in the near-term,including possible specifications, and which can also contribute to more ambitious outcomes over a longer time frame. Also view video introduction to the project.

One Call–One Click Toolkit (Community Transportation Association of America, 2011). Toolkit that guides communities interested in developing a one-call or one-click service for transportation. Includes

    • Guide for beginning one call-one click transportation services
    • See where your community is on a continuum of services leading to a one-call or one-click service
    • Results from a survey of existing one-call services
    • Advice from the one-call services field
    • Local profiles and videos
    • Factsheets, including a chart to help you determine where your community is on developing one-call or one-click services, a glossary, and links to more information.
    • A guide to financing the operation of transportation one call–one click services

Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative projects. Learn more about the one-call and one-click projects that were funded by the Federal Transit Administraton in 2011 and 2012

Transit, Call Centers, and 511: A Guide for Decision Makers (Transit Cooperative Research Program, Report No. 134, 2009). Explores the operational characteristics of 511 telephone traveler information systems and examines how 511 systems interact with transit system call centers. - See more at: traveler information systems and examines how 511 systems interact with transit system call centers.


Data Interoperability for Mobility Management Technology (TransITech Conference, 2013). Videos (Part 1 and Part 2) of panel discussion on sharing rider data across one call–one click partnerships.

Exploring One Call–One Click Services (Community Transportation Association of America, 2012). Video introducing CTAA’s One Call–One Click Toolkit and how the strategies set forth in the toolkit were implemented at Ride Connection (Portland, OR).

Video of Ethan Nelson, Lane County Transit District, Eugene, OR (2011). Discusses considerations in choosing one call–one click technology.

Video of Patrick Rogers, Institute for Human Services, Bath, NY (2011). Presents on the transportation one-call service that serves Steuben County, NY.

Video of Norah Cashin, Dane County Department of Human Services, Madison, WI (2011). Talks about the strong community partnerships that have made the one-call service possible.


National 2-1-1 Information and Referral. 2-1-1 is a national network of one-call centers that connect people with information on important community services.