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Surveys, Inventory Tools


The following sample surveys are templates that are ready to be customized to your local community's needs.

Framework for ACTION. A self-assessment tool for states and communities seeking to advance transportation coordination.

Survey of human service agencies to understand the transportation they provide and their clients' transportation needs. 21-question survey in three sections: 1) agency information, 2) client transportation needs and available services, and 3) unmet transportation needs.

Community Coordination Survey. 14-question survey of community agencies examining existing transportation services to gauge their interest in coordinating those services.

Survey of Older Adults. 14-question survey that asks older adults about their driving habits, use of public transportation, and future transportation needs.

Survey of Employers on Employees' Commute Needs. 11-question survey for employers regarding employees' transportation challenges and the impact on the business.

Survey of Employees about their Commute. A 14-question survey that asks about characteristics of individual's current and preferred transportation options for getting to work and training.

Survey_Tips. Some basic tips for designing surveys to make them more effective and to obtain the answers you need.

Individualized transportation plan. An 8-step tool for creating customized travel plan for individuals and detailed worksheets to use in completing the plan.

Record of Customer’s Unmet Transportation Need. Short form designed to be completed by case managers and similar professionals in human service and other agencies to gather information on transportation challenges that prevent clients from accessing services.

Transportation Service Inventory Tools

Transportation Provider Profile. Questionnaire to solicit comprehensive information on transportation provider agencies, in 6 sections: 1) organization/agency information, 2) service characteristics, 3) vehicle characteristics, 4) driver characteristics, 5) rider characteristics, 6) other features.