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Travel Instruction and Travel Training


Travel Training for Older Adults (TCRP Report 168. Transit Cooperative Research Program, 2014)

    • Executive Summary
    • Part I: A Handbook. Intended as “a manual for transportation, social service, aging, and training professionals that describes successful travel training practices and how to implement these practices in various community situations.” It discusses how to create a travel training program, where to form useful partnerships, and how to develop aspects of training that are critical.
    • Part II: Research Report and Case Studies. Describes how the findings for the project were developed and goes into detail on the case studies to explore what makes for a successful travel training program and how to measure success. Seven of the 20 sites studied were selected for in-depth consideration in this report.

Cost Benefit Model for Travel Training (Easter Seals Project ACTION, 2012). Synopsis of the cost-benefit model for travel training developed by ESPA, including a model budget for travel training, with line items and a formula to ascertain distinct costs and benefits of travel training services to trainees, the community and funders.

Chicago Regional Transportation Authority: Travel Training Program. Describes travel training program of third largest transit system in North America.


Travel Instruction: Your Ticket to Ride (Community Transportation Association of America, 2010). Archived video of travel instruction workshop, with speakers from three agencies that provide travel instruction.


Association of Travel Instruction. Professional membership organization for professionals who teach people with disabilities and seniors to travel safely and independently.

National Aging and Disability Transportation Center. Has many excellent resources on travel training, including many created by the former Easters Seals Project ACTION, which can be found under "Resources and Publications."