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Youth and School Transportation


Connect Youth with Summer Meal Programs. NCMM has resources available to support Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) grantees and mobility managers in improving access to summer meal programs.

Millennials & Mobility: Understanding the Millennial Mindset and New Opportunities for Transit Providers (Transit Cooperative Research Program, 2013). Web-only document that looks at 1) millennials’ lifestyle and decision-making processes with an emphasis on mobility (daily travel); 2) specific factors affecting millennials’ lifestyle decisions; 3) how millennials make mobility decisions in a holistic way; 4) key hurdles and benefits of various mobility options, including accessibility, convenience, time, community/belongingness, fluidity with other mobility options (e.g., multi-modal transit), etc.; and 5) potential opportunities for public transit providers to increase ridership by improving messaging, information access, service offerings/accessibility, etc.

Berkshire Rides Youth Program: A Model of Vehicle Sharing Across Agencies (Joblinks Employment Transportation Center, 2013). Describes a program in rural Massachusetts in which several community agencies share use of vans to transportation children to activities.

Transportation for Students with Disabilities: A Resource List for Educators (Easter Seals Project ACTION, 2013). Resource list that provides educators and pupil transporters with titles and short descriptions of materials to build resource capacity and knowledge around coordinated inclusive transportation planning and transportation for students with and without disabilities.

Travel Training for Student Success: The Route to Achieving Post-Secondary Student Outcomes (Easter Seals Project ACTION, 2012). A primer for school administrators interested in learning how high schools across the country are connecting students to travel training services, developing and adapting goals, and supporting local implementation of travel training programs.

Helping Schools to Meet the Transportation Needs of Students with Disabilities (Easter Seals Project ACTION, 2009). This report discusses the process used by six school districts from across the country to identify their education and transition services transportation challenges and solutions.

School Buses and Special Needs Transportation: Options for Policy Makers (National Conference of State Legislatures, 2008). An issue brief that looks at the legal and practical challenges to challenges to using school buses for transporting disadvantaged populations and examines how states might overcome these hurdles.

Youth and Transportation (Community Transportation, 2004). Provides model profiles of how systems are serving the young riders in their community.

Integrating School Bus and Public Transportation Services in Non-Urban Communities (Transit Cooperative Research Program, Report No. 56, 1999). Discusses issues associated with school bus and public transportation services coordination or integration, and provides 13 case studies of communities that have successfully coordinated or integrated some aspect of school and public transportation services. Also provides an implementation guide that suggests "next steps" for non-urban communities considering the coordination or integration of school and public transportation services.