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Community Self-Assessment Tools

A Framework for Action: Building the Fully Coordinated Transportation System—A Self-Assessment Tool for Communities and States. This is a community self-assessment resource to assist stakeholders to reach a shared perspective and build a roadmap for moving forward together. The Framework for Action was developed by analyzing the transportation coordination efforts in states and communities and successful models, with the advice and guidance of an expert panel. This assessment tool can be used by itself, or it can be an essential element of developing a work plan, a strategic plan, or some other plan. (Department of Transportation, 2003)

ConnectAbility guide, self-assessment tool, and summary sheet will help communities explore the degree to which transportation options are known by current and potential riders and provide guidance on planning ways to improve knowledge of services.(Joblinks Employment Transportation Center, 2010)

The Joblinks Employment Transportation Center has created assessment tools for employment transportation stakeholders (job seekers, employers, workforce development, economic development agencies, and transportation providers) as part of its Back-to-Work Toolkit.