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Performance Measurement

Partnership for Mobility Management 3-part performance measurement series. (Community Transportation Association of America, 2011–2012).

  1. Performing for Organizational and Collective Impact
  2. Performance Measures for Mobility Managers
  3. How to Develop your own Mobility Management Performance Measures (slides only)

Performance Measures in Mobility Management: Experiences from the Field (May 22, 2014) This webinar featured two mobility management practitioners—Heather Wheeler, Executive Director, Community Transportation Association of Idaho, and Marion Denney, Senior Mobility Manager, Dallas Area Rapid Transit—talking about ways they are measuring the performance of a variety of mobility management objectives and activities. They emphasized measures and data collection that captures the impact of mobility management objectives on wider community goals. Performance measurement expert Meredith Highsmith explained the framework she uses in the NCMM training Performance Measures for Mobility Management and Coordination, as well as provided tips to develop measures to capture the outcomes of mobility management program work in bringing forth positive social, health and economic outcomes. View the webinar recording.

  • Presenter Slides Part 1 and Part 2: Meredith Highsmith, Asst. Research Scientist, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Austin, TX
  • Presenter Slides: Heather Wheeler, Exec. Dir., Community Transportation Association of Idaho, Boise, ID
  • Presenter Slides: Marion Denney, Sr. Mobility Manager, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Dallas, TX

Performance Measures for Mobility Management. This report explains the value of performance measurement to mobility management, lays out a process for developing a performance measurement strategy, and suggests measures for a range of mobility management activities and ways to effectively share and leverage performance measurement results. (National Center for Mobility Management 2016).

Performance Measures for Mobility Management Programs. This document that suggests a series of measures that express progress at both the national and the local level. (American Public Transportation Association, 2010).

The Value of Public and Community Transportation Investments. This page features resources and strategies for deciding what to measure, and measuring and communicating the benefits and value of transportation investments. These were first featured in the September 2014 edition of the Mobility Management News. (National Center for Mobility Management, 2014).

Transforming Performance Measurement for the 21st Century. This issue brief provides a number of recommendations to help public and private service organizations 1) select appropriate performance indicators and data collection procedures, 2) analyze and report the information, and 3) use the information to improve services. (Urban Institute, 2014).