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Current News: Technology in Transportation

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Technological advancements are showing tremendous power to increase the efficiency and safety of transportation; provide on-demand, real-time travel information; and assist riders in traveling within their community. As we learn of new technology being introduced, we will add it to this page. Please send any items you would recommend we include to (Note: Items older than 6 months will generally be deleted from this page, but will be archived by NCMM staff.)

Automated Vehicles

  • First Transit Brings Autonomous Vehicle Shuttles to Sports Fans (8/21/17). First Transit announces its launch of  two autonomous vehicle (AV) passenger shuttles for the Arlington Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB) in Arlington, Texas.The AV passenger shuttles will offer convenient transportation connecting sports fans heading to Globe Life Park and AT&T Stadium from parking lots surrounding both stadiums.
  • Caltrans has begun modifying California roads for self-driving cars (7/18/17). Caltrans, California's Department of Transportation, is changing its standards for road markings to accommodate autonomous vehicles' navigation systems, such as moving away from Botts' Dots and painting thicker lane lines.
  • Michigan's New Motor City: Ann Arbor as a Driverless-Car Hub (7/9/17). Ann Arbor, Michigan, has turned itself into a "living laboratory" for autonomous vehicle technology, with businesses from around the world using the city streets and its 32-acre testing grounds for research and development.
  • Congress finally gets going on regulating autonomous vehicles (6/21/17). Recently, the Senate published bipartisan principles outlining what the legislation might look like. House Republicans, meanwhile, started circulating the drafts of a 14-bill package making it easier for federal regulators to make all the rules. Congress, it seems, wants to shred the patchwork of rules and regulations and blanket the nation in uniform guidelines that allow the technology to develop while ensuring everyone it will be safe.
  • Mobility as a service: Why self driving cars could change everything (3/15/17). Recent research by ARK highlights the potential rise and growth of autonomous taxi networks. These networks are expected to decrease cost and inconvenience of point to point mobility. As a result, the summary white paper discusses how the traditional automotive industry may be subsumed by mobility as a service platforms.

Integrating Transportation with other Community Services

Information on Transportation Services


  • VTA Demonstrates Innovative Smart Stop Technology (6/17/16). “Smart Stop,” promotes V2I (Vehicle-To-Infrastructure) and V2V (Vehicle-To-Vehicle) communications using using Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC). Smart Stop will let a bus operator know if someone is waiting at a particular stop, and to let passengers know when the bus is nearby.

Planning Applications


Shared-Use Technology

  • Carmakers push toward mobility as a service (8/1/17). Many large automakers don't "two cars in every garage" as the future for production, but instead are trending toward developing shared use services. Instead of selling vehicles to individual households, car manufacturers see a future in fleet-based sales that use technology to reach customers.
  • Zagster Launches Technology Upgrade to Bike Sharing Systems (8/15/16). Provides an upgraded technology platform that simplifies the overall process for checking out, locking and riding a bike was recently introduced by Zagster using a Bluetooth-enabled ring, mounted on the bike frame.