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Current News: Transportation Network Cos.

As transportation network companies (i.e., TNCs like Bridj, Liberty, Lyft, Split, Uber, Via) continue to offer new services and forge new alliances with public transit, health care, employers, and others, we will keep you current by posting relevant news items below. Please send any items you would recommend we include to (Note: Items older than 6 months will be deleted from this page, but will be archived by NCMM staff.)

General News

  • D.C.-based Split to discontinue rideshare service (9/27/16). D.C.-based ridesharing company Split will end its passenger service, partly because the marketplace is so crowded. The company will turn its attention to technology, where it can “refocus our efforts on the next generation of transportation challenges.”

Health Care Access and TNCs

People with Disabilities and TNCs

 Urban/Suburban Service and TNCs