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Inform & Connect

All mobility management activities point toward one goal: connecting customers to the transportation options that are most responsive to their needs. Mobility management practitioners excel at staying informed about existing community transportation services, sharing that knowledge with customers, and helping customers connect the dots in using all appropriate services. In doing this, practitioners follow these key principles:

  1. Transportation solutions focus on the entire customer trip, not just one component, with all modes, strategies, and technologies that could help, being considered.
  2. It is less important who provides the solution and more important that the solution be delivered for the customer.

Connect Existing Services

Share Information with End Users

Help Riders Afford Services

  • Explore how Voucher Programs can make a difference to customers stretching to afford transportation to needed destinations
  • Identify the benefits of providing Transit Passes

Results and Feedback Loop

Keep those services you have so carefully designed as responsive as possible to customer needs by implementing an effective customer feedback process. A good resource for doing so is TCRP Report 47: A Handbook for Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality (Transit Cooperative Research Program, 2003) and other performance measurement resources