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Upcoming Webinars

Webinar: Mobility Management and Meeting Dialysis Transportation Needs

Thursday, May 1, 3:00 pm Eastern

About the webinar: Based on data collected from 39 states, nearly 18 percent of all brokered Non-Emergency Medical Transportation trips are to dialysis centers. The panel of experts will address the challenges and opportunities to providing necessary service to dialysis customers, forming partnerships between transportation and healthcare providers, and meeting the growing demand for service. Mobility managers working to assist with dialysis transportation needs are encouraged to participate. The webinar is part of a series that the National Center for Mobility Management is sponsoring related to health care and mobility management (see below for the archive of the March 27 webinar.).

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Moderator: Carl Sedoryk, Vice Chair, APTA Mobility Management Committee and General Manager, Monterey-Salinas Transit
Presenter: Sue Knapp, President, KFH Group, Bethesda, Md.
Presenter: Arun Prem, Executive Director, FACT, San Diego, Calif.

Archived Webinars

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: Emerging Research and Trends

(March 27, 2014) During this webinar presenters spoke about two recent studies that evaluated emerging trends in the provision of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), with a particular focus on the Medicaid program. CTAA’s Dale Marsico and Easter Seal’s Mary Leary provided an in-depth discussion of the importance of these vital studies and what each tells us about the future of NEMT, as well as community and public transportation. The host was Marlene Connor, Chair of the American Public Transportation Association’s Mobility Management Committee.

Access the webinar recording here. Please complete a survey after you view the webinar and provide any comments.

Publications and presentation slides referenced during the webinar are available on our Health Transportation Page.

Quest for Funding: Getting Creative

(March 19, 2014) This NCMM webinar highlighted sensible, creative, and slightly crazy – but effective – strategies, for obtaining funding for transportation programs. Our speakers discussed high-earning fundraising events, partnerships with local organizations, and public funding sources that allow them to provide quality transportation services.

View the recorded webinar and links (below) to the presentations and documents mentioned during the webinar:

Presentation: Denise Larsen, Ctr. for Independent Living for Western Wisc., Menomonie, WI
Presentation: Dwight Mengel, Tompkins County Dept. of Social Services, Ithaca, NY
Presentation: Debbie Dauenhauer, Southern Nevada Transit Coalition, Laughlin, NV

Inclusive Planning and Design in Mobility Management

(Feb. 12, 2014) The webinar showcased mobility management practitioners who have creatively and persistently afforded people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and others the opportunity to be involved in transportation planning. Speakers discussed their partnerships with other organizations, their outreach to different populations, and their inclusive attitude. Presenters: Kelli Fairless, Valley Regional Transit, Meridian, ID; Dwight Mengel, Tompkins County Dept. of Social Services, Ithaca, NY; Judy Telge, Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living, Corpus Christi, TX. This webinar was sponsored by the NCMM and the Strengthening Inclusive Coordinated Transportation Partnerships Project.

View the recorded webinar and links (below) to the presentations and documents mentioned during the webinar:

NCMM Website Tour

(Feb. 6, 2014) This webinar, hosted by NCMM partner American Public Transportation Association, highlighted the many features of the new NCMM website that will help communities enrich their one call-one click, transportation coordination, and other mobility management activities. The website incorporates resources, strategies, trainings, and community wisdom for mobility management practitioners; solicits information on promising practices from practitioners; and reflects the work the NCMM is doing in the field. View the recorded webinar and the presentation slides.

Statewide and Regional Mobility Management Networks

(Jan. 7, 2014) Effective mobility management professionals are connected with their colleagues throughout their states or regions. This webinar focused on the different strategies for network creation and how to foster networks so that peer relationships are developed, programs are replicated, advice is sought and given, and continuing education is provided. View the recorded webinar and the presentation slides.