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One Call–One Click Services

picture of smiling woman using a laptop and sitting in a wheelchair
Picture of an Asian woman on the phone with an Asian man looking onAt their simplest, one-call or one-click services enable customers to make one phone call or search one website to receive information about all transportation services available in the community. As one-call or one-click services become more advanced, they allow customers to schedule, receive confirmation of, and pay for rides. Transportation providers can interact with the database supporting a one-call or one-click service to schedule customer trips, communicate with customers, and even receive payment for trips.

In Practice

  • Vets Go ( is a one-stop online resource to help veterans discover the range of transportation options available to them in the Central Puget Sound. Read the press release describing the service.
  • The 211 VetLink (Riverside, San Bernadino Counties) initiative will better connect veterans to transportation resources through a simple but powerful tool: an online trip planner. Read more about 211 VetLink.
  • The 1-Call/1-Click Trip Resource Center  is a new program from the Human Services Council in Vancouver, WA. It started in the autumn of 2013 with the awarding of the Veterans Transportation Community Living Initiative (VTCLI) Grant. This website helps people find transit and human services transportation resources, as well as learn more about the resources that are available in their local communities.


Access many resources on one-call/one-click services, including our toolkit to guide you in establishing a service, at our By Topic page.