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Understand & Advocate

Mobility management begins and ends with a laser focus on transportation's many customer groups: current and potential riders; employers, economic development groups, and local business associations; human service agencies and their clients; taxpayers and other funders; and local governments. To effectively plan a responsive and sustainable transportation network for all these customers, empathy and an unbiased understanding of their needs, environment, and goals is essential. And, the more we share our understanding of customers with our partners, the more we can bring others to support the work of improving mobility options.

Tools to Learn about Customers

Understanding Transportation Issues of Specific Customer Groups

More about potential existing services is available at the following NCMM “By Topic” resource pages:

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Developing Advocacy Skills

Advocating the Value of Transportation

Transportation is integral to almost all activities that take place within a community. The ability of people to reach needed destinations impacts the viability of  businesses, health and human services, economic development, local government, and more. Being able to articulate this relationship between transportation and success in other sectors is an important step in strengthening support for community transportation options. Learn more about this connection in the following NCMM “By Topic” resource pages: