2018 Mobility Management Poster Session

The National Center for Mobility Management is seeking submissions for its  Mobility Management Poster Session at the upcoming Community Transportation Association of America's EXPO conference, being held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The deadline for submitting a poster application is March 20, 2018. You will be notified by April 13, 2018 whether your poster has been accepted.

Poster of coordination presented by Massachusetts Executive Office of Human Services Transportation staff

Selected presenters will display their posters during the Trade Fair reception on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 and the Trade Fair lunch on Wednesday, June 13, 2018. Presenters agree to be at their posters during the trade show hours to converse with EXPO conference attendees about the poster.

CTAA's EXPO is attended by over 1,000 transit agencies, mobility management professionals, and transportation-related entities. The poster session will give mobility management professionals a chance to shine and share their innovative practices in an informal setting open to all EXPO attendees. The EXPO intensive trainings and workshops will bring plenty of interested attendees to the poster session and provide good learning opportunities for mobility management professionals as well. Topics for posters can include the following:

  • Technology and apps
  • Evolving MOD (mobility on demand) strategies (i.e. ride hailing, TNCs, microtransit)
  • Health care transportation
  • Planning outreach and engagement
  • Communication strategies
  • Innovation

What are we looking for in the posters?

Your poster should include

  1. Description of a transportation challenge in your community
  2. A mobility management approach to solving that challenge, in terms of partnerships, innovative design, outreach, community engagement and/or involving riders
  3. Information about how the solution is working. Tell us your lessons learned even if the solution did not work as well as you hoped.

There is no mandatory arrangement of the poster. Infographics, diagrams, and charts can definitely add to the visuals, but this template may be helpful.


Selected poster presenters will be notified by April 13, 2018, and will receive a $200 stipend to help cover the costs of preparing and presenting their poster. Please send any questions about the poster session to Sheryl Gross-Glaser at grossglaser@ctaa.org. Don't hesitate to ask.

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