Regional Liaisons

The NCMM Regional Liaisons provide states and territories with hands-on technical assistance in the development and implementation of transportation coordination, one call—one click, and mobility management practices. The Liaisons also work to build awareness among decision-makers, service providers, and consumers on strategies, promising practices, and key issues.

Locate your regional liaison below (listed by Federal Transit Administration region).

Region I: Judy Shanley,, 312-551-7227

Region II: William Reckley,, 202-415-9682

Region III:  Rich Weaver,, 202-496-4809

Region IV: Jerom Theunissen,, 312-551-7228

Region V:  Judy Shanley,, 312-551-7227

Region VI:  Kirby Wilhelm,, 202-489-6020

Region VII: Jerom Theunissen,, 312-551-7228

Region VIII:  Amy Conrick,, 202-415-9692

Region IX: Alex King,, 202-340-5284

Region X:  Rich Weaver,, 202-496-4809


Amy Conrick
NCMM Director
Community Transportation Association
800-527-8279 ext. 734 or 202-415-9692