A new hyperloop-style vacuum-tube train can reach 621 mph and reduce emissions

  • Date: 08/03/2022

We have been waiting a long time for vacuum tubes to be used for transportation, after witnessing how fast they work in hospitals or old government buildings.

Now, a Canadian startup, TransPod, is building the world’s leading ultra-high-speed ground transportation system, the TransPod Line, to redefine passenger and cargo transportation using FluxJet.

The FluxJet will operate exclusively on the TransPod Line, a network system with stations in key locations and major cities, featuring high-frequency departures designed to enable fast, affordable, and safe travel.

    • FluxJet is a fully electric high-speed magnetic train that is a hybrid between an aircraft and a train.
    • It will reduce emissions while offering incredibly fast travel at 621 mph.
    • FluxJet behaves like a conventional electric train, traveling at 55 mph (90 kph) near urban areas.


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