E-bike injuries on the rise even on well protected Dutch roads

  • Date: 04/13/2022

new study from VeiligheidNL, a Dutch organization focused on the prevention of injuries, concludes that e-bike riders have a greater risk of injury than riders on ordinary bicycles. It concedes, however, that more research is needed to identify the underlying causes.

The report says that e-bike riders in the Netherlands were 1.6 times more likely than an ordinary bicyclist to end up in the emergency room, compared to twice as likely for racing bikes and three times for mountain bikes. The percentage of injured riders on e-bikes was also considerably higher (36 percent) compared to 2016 (19 percent). E-bike riders aged 12 to 17 were especially at risk of an emergency visit, accounting for 22 percent of victims versus just 4 percent in 2016. Women over 55 were also particularly vulnerable making up almost half of all e-bike victims (47 percent).

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