How COVID-19 Will Change Consumer Behavior

  • Author: Antonio Salamanca
  • Date: 06/23/2020

"There have been a number of different groups and organizations publishing data on changes in consumer behavior during the Coronavirus pandemic and corresponding stay-at-home orders. The New York Times, for example, reports that the travel, shopping, and transportation industries are experiencing sharp declines in consumer spending. Recent articles in the Verge report decreases in public transportation and the scooter industry and increases in purchases of electric bikes. Data from multiple sources appear to converge on two points: the reasons and methods of mobility are changing. To get an idea of how ParkMobile users are altering their habits, and how they expect their behaviors to look in the future, we surveyed about 2000 of our users about a range of topics related to their commute, travel, and event attendance. We also took a look at trends in parking related to these same categories.
Overall, the study reveals that people plan to make significant changes post COVID. There will be less traveling, less commuting, and fewer events attended. People plan to use mass transit and ride-sharing less often and use their personal vehicles more often. And when it comes to making purchases, consumers plan to use more contactless payment options."

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