Health and Transportation Resource Center

Health and Transportation Resource Center

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The pursuit of good health and well-being is inextricably intertwined with an individual’s ability to move freely about their community. Mobility choices available to an individual can be a driver in where a person chooses to live, the social and health-promoting activities they pursue, and the health-related services they access. Thus their health and well-being can be greatly impacted by choices offered and decisions made in the health care services, public health, social services, and transportation sectors.

This resource center has been created to assist mobility management professionals and their communities in understanding the intersection specifically among health care, public health, and transportation. (Note that when we talk about “transportation,” we are referring not only to the actual vehicles that move people, but also the infrastructure that allows people to connect to and use those vehicles and on which those vehicles travel.)

Within this Resource Center, we discuss the common (and sometimes divergent) goals and activities within the health care, public health, and transportation sectors, and offer resources to help better align these goals and activities and promote overall good health and well-being. Mobility management professionals can explore how mobility intersects with public health and health care, read and watch case examples of communities integrating mobility and health in practice, and browse NCMM’s resource library of relevant resources. Our goal with this Center to give you the tools to forge new alliances and better serve your community.

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Introductory Resources on Health and Transportation

US DOT and CDC Health and Transportation Tool

This tool provides data on a set of transportation and public health indicators for each U.S. state and metropolitan area that describe how the transportation environment affects safety, active transportation, air quality, and connectivity to destinations.

CDC Recommendations for Improving Health through Transportation Policy

This document provides policy and program recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that protect and promote health while accomplishing primary transportation goals and objectives.

A Guidebook for Communications between Transportation and Public Health Communities

This user-friendly guidebook for state and local transportation professionals that identifies the challenges and best practices for successful communication and collaboration between transportation and public health professionals.

Recent Blog Posts on Health and Mobility:

Rides to Recovery: Accessing Substance Use Disorder Treatment

“The success of the program lies in its ability to tailor transportation services to meet the unique needs of each individual. With staff expertise and lived experience, we ensure empathy and understanding are at the forefront of every trip, fostering trust and rapport among our riders.”

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Illinois county offering free bus vouchers for well-woman visits

In Will County, IL, a Chicago exurb, Census tract surveys found that transit was a major barrier for women to get to their annual wellness visits. The Will County Health Department (WCHD) partnered with Pace Suburban Bus, a local transit agency, to connect women with bus vouchers to access necessary preventative care.

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