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2014 Mobility Management Conference

Presented by the Community Transportation Association of America, June 9-10, 2014

The need for innovative transportation solutions to health care and job-related destinations has never been greater. This two-day conference explored creative responses implemented by mobility management practitioners to expanding options in these areas. Attendees heard from experts in the health care and job development fields, including a long-time dialysis patient and representatives from the Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation; engaged in discussions and small-group work to identify essential components of responsive health care and job access solutions; and through guided design activities, began brainstorming new mobility solutions for their community. Over 150 peers from around the country participated.

  • Opening remarks—Carolyn Jeskey, Director of Community Engagement, Community Transportation Assn. of America (transcript); Tom Gottfried, Program Director, Office of Transit, Minnesota DOT (transcript); and Dale Marsico, Executive Director, Community Transportation Assn. of America (transcript)
  • Design Thinking activities (transcript and slides)
  • Journeys in Dialysis—Troyce Crucchiola (transcript)
  • National Health Care Trends and the Business Case for Expanded Health CareTransportation Partnerships—Scott Bogren, CTAA Communications Director (slides and transcript)
  • How Mobility Challenges Complicate Achievement of Healthy Lives and Healthy Communities (transcript)—Julie Wilcke, COO, Ride Connection; Barb Cline, Exec. Dir., Prairie Hills Transit; Shawn Schaefer,  Director, Urban Design Studio, Oklahoma University (slides)
  • Job Access Today and Tomorrow—Henrika Buchanan-Smith, Associate Administrator for Program Management, Federal Transit Administration (transcript)
  • How Job Access Mobility Challenges Complicate Achievement of Self-Sufficient Lives and Economically Healthy Communities (transcript)—Cathy Weik, Chair, Minnesota Workforce Council Assn. (slides); Aniko Laszlo, Statewide Mobility Manager, MassDOT/Rail and Transit Division; Michael Vieira, Transportation Director, Essex County Department of Economic Development, Training, and Employment
  • Communicating the Value of Mobility Management in the Map-21 World—Meredith Highsmith (slides and transcript)
  • Creative Responses to Specific Job Access and Health Care Needs (transcript)—Marion Denney, Senior Mobility Manager, Dallas Area Rapid Transit; Ron Hughes, Executive Director, California Vanpool Authority (resource); Steve Fittante, Director, Office of Local Programs, New Jersey Transit (slides); Norah Cashin, Transportation Manager, Dane County Dept. Human Services, Madison, WI (slides)
  • Reshaping Health Care Services through Intentional Design—Donny Dreyer, Operations Manager, and Gerry Greaney, Designer, Center for Innovation, Mayo Clinic (slides and transcript)
  • Harnessing Technology for Expanded Communication with Customers, Caregivers, and Health Care and Employment Providers (transcript)—Michele Manley, Mobility Manager, MCH Inc. (slides); Alan Herrmann, Supervisor, Smartlink (slides); J. Hastain, Mobility Coordinator, Via Mobility Services (slides); Kevin Chambers, IT Director, Ride Connection (slides)
  • Closing remarks (transcript)

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