In-Person Trainings

Creating Innovative Transportation Solutions (offered by the National Center for Mobility Management. A shorter version of this training is offered through the NCMM's Mobility Management E-Learning Center--see below)

Design Thinking is a systematic approach to creating solutions to seemingly intractable challenges. It starts with an in-depth understanding of customers and the ability to create a better future for them. It leads us through a process for testing proposed solutions to determine if they are operationally feasible and financially viable and, most important, that the proposed solutions that will meet customer needs—all before we ever begin to implement the solution.

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Managing Community Mobility (offered by the National Transit Institute.) This two-day class examines creative approaches to resolving fragmented and/or duplicative transportation systems to create a seamless and cost-efficient network with a customer-focused mindset. The course introduces the concept of mobility management, identifies funding resources for mobility management programs, teaches how to develop a Coordinated Public Transit and Human Service Transportation Plan Coordinated Plan, identifies resources to implement a mobility management program, and presents case studies of successful mobility management models. More information here.

NCMM's Mobility Management e-Learning Center

Mobility Management Basics. Six free, self-paced, on-line modules that define the mobility management approach and how it applies to different populations. Topics covered include the following:

  • The Mobility Management Approach
  • The Family of Transportation Options
  • Creating an Inventory of Transportation Resources
  • How is Transportation Funded? A Look at Public and Private Options
  • Serving Your Customers: Who Are They and What Do They Need
  • Performance Measures for Mobility Management

Creating Innovative Transportation Solutions. Six free, self-paced, on-line modules that introduce an innovative human-centered design process, called Design Thinking, to the development of transportation solutions. Topics covered include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Phase 1: Planning the Project
  • Phase 2: Discovering “What Is"
  • Phase 3: Idea Generation
  • Phase 4: Prototyping and Assumption Testing
  • Phase 5: Preparing for a Learning Launch

Integrating Vanpools into Transit Services. (Offered by the Community Transportation Association of America.) This on-line, self-paced training leads transit agencies in considering the benefits of offering vanpooling services alongside their other transit services, as well as first steps in doing so. Many resources are included with the training for additional learning.

  1. What is Vanpooling?
  2. Integrating Vanpooling into Transit Agency Service
  3. Benefits to Incorporating Vanpools into a Transit Agency's Service
  4. Steps to Implementing a Vanpooling Program

Other Distance Learning Opportunities

NCMM Webinars (Upcoming and Archived)

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Webinars sponsored by NCMM partners and other organizations

Vanpools and Transit Agencies


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