Program Evaluation Dashboard

NCMM Performance Dashboard

NCMM’s activities are purposefully designed to positively impact the work of mobility managers and inform their interactions with cross-sector stakeholders.  Below you’ll find key metrics tracking our progress on how well we are doing on achieving our goals. Learn more about the people behind NCMM,  read about our work in communities, and stay current via our resources in our Knowledge Center.

An infographic titled "NCMM's process engages and empowers community partners" showing a process from "Ask the "right" questions" to "form insights on community needs" to "generate multiple concepts" to "test to find the best concept" which all leads to NCMM involving stakeholders in every step, with stakeholders including funders, governing officials, invested organizations, and end users.
An infographic labeled "NCMM Engages Multisector Partners to Better Serve Communities" showing that the topics most frequently addressed with partners are, in descending order, healthcare, human services, economic development, food access, job access, and disability. It also shows that the partners participating in NCMM activities are healthcare, human services, other, end user, veteran, and elected or administrative. The last section shows that the most frequently requested areas for technical assistance are healthcare, disability, coalition building, public participation, job access, and older adults.
An infographic titled "NCMM directly impacts community transportation practices" with a section titled "NCMM broadens its audience's knowledge" showing that 88% learned new information from the website, 83% from NCMM technical assistance, and 94% from NCMM technical training. A section titled "NCMM impacts its audience's work" shows that 67% applied new information from the NCMM website to their work, 83% applied new information from NCMM technical assistance to their work, and 71% applied new information from an NCMM training to their work. Another part of the infographic shows that 12 NCMM grantees since 2019 began a new service in an underserved area, and 7 found sustainable funding after their learning launch phase.


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