Military Veterans

Military Veterans

The U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers veterans many travel solutions to and from their VA health care facilities. This program offers these services at little or no cost to eligible Veterans through the following services:

  • Beneficiary Travel (BT)
  • Highly Rural Transportation Grants (HRTG)
  • Veterans Transportation Service (VTS)
Identifying the value of transportation

Begin with the mission of the CCAM-funded agency and ask, “How can transportation access contribute to the success of that mission?” For agencies serving veterans, the importance of transportation may be tied to one or more of these value statements, which can serve as starting discussion points:

When veterans have access to transportation. . .

  • They can more easily and reliably access health care services that promote their physical and mental well-being.
  • They can remain engaged in community activity to adapt to civilian life, reducing social isolation.
  • They are better able to seek employment, training opportunities, and support services.
  • They have more reliable access to sources for healthy food, leading to improved nutrition and overall health.

Program Listing

Below is a detailed description of programs relating to military veterans. Each listing contains what type of transportation support is allowable, a brief program description, and ways for both mobility management professionals and program staff from other agencies to connect.

Table of Contents

Listing Key
Direct Support

Funding for transportation on an individual basis. This includes things like transit passes or gas vouchers.

Direct Service

Program staff provide transportation services directly or can contract for services.

Local Match Eligible

Program’s funds can be used as federal match to FTA transportation grants or other federal programs. 

U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Program Description:

Reimburses eligible veterans and caregivers for mileage and other travel expenses (e.g., meals, lodging) to and from approved health care appointments.  Eligible veterans are those traveling for care at a VA health facility or for VA-approved care at a non-VA health facility in your community AND who meet one of the following: a) have a VA disability rating of 30% or higher; b) are traveling for treatment of a service-connected condition, even if your VA disability rating is less than 30%; c) receive a VA pension; d) have an income that’s below the maximum annual VA pension rate; e) can’t afford to pay for  travel, as defined by VA guidelines; f) are traveling for a scheduled VA claim exam, to get a service dog, or for VA-approved transplant care.

Distribution of funds:

Directly to beneficiaries through a reimbursement model.

Transportation Support:

Direct reimbursement to qualified beneficiaries. Claims are filed through the Beneficiary Travel Self Service System (BTSSS).

U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Program Description:

Provides grants to eligible recipients to assist veterans in highly rural areas through innovative transportation services to travel to Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, and to otherwise assist in providing transportation services in connection with the provision of VA medical care to these veterans. A “highly rural area” is defined as an area consisting of a county or counties having a population of less than seven persons per square mile. Transportation services are provided to veterans free of charge. Grantees may use grants to expand or augment the transportation services offered by entities that do not qualify as grantees under the rule, or otherwise may use such entities to provide the transportation assistance that is established in a grantee’s program, as long as all other criteria of the rule are met.

Distribution of funds:

Grants available to veteran service organizations (VSO) and state veterans agencies, with a cap of $50,000 for any one highly rural area. Grantees may use the funds to subcontract with other entities to provide service. Grants do not require any local match dollars. Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for this listing will be posted on

Transportation Supports:

Funds may be used directly provide transportation or contract with another entity to provide transportation.

U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Program Description:

VTS is a two-prong program that 1) provides qualifying veterans with free transportation services to/from participating VA health care facilities and authorized non-VA health care appointments in a multi-passenger van; and 2) establishes mobility managers at each local VA facility to help veterans meet their transportation needs.

VTS has established a network of transportation options for veterans through joint efforts with VA’s Office of Rural Health and organizations, such as Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs); community transportation providers; federal, state and local government transportation agencies; non-profits and Veterans Transportation Community Living Initiative (VTCLI) grantees.

Distribution of funds:

VTS services and VTA mobility managers are funded directly through the Department.

Transportation Support:

VTS operates vehicles or contracts for services to transport veterans to authorized health care services. Veterans who are eligible for VA health care benefits and have a VA-authorized appointment are eligible for transportation through the VTS program. Each local VA authorized facility has ridership guidelines based on their capabilities.


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