Communications and Networking

The National Center for Mobility Management strives to provide opportunities for mobility management practitioners to network, connect, and learn from each other through several communication forums.  To better understand how best to do this, NCMM staff surveyed 300 mobility management practitioners across the country. The findings from this survey are provided available below.

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Summary of Results

(As of August 17, 2018)

Respondents indicated that a multi-tool approach would be the most helpful to assist mobility management practitioners in networking with one another. Over 87% of respondents currently use two or more tools to network with other mobility management practitioners. Nearly all respondents indicated they would like to have better tools to work with, such as in-person events and conferences, state or regional mobility management networks, listservs, and/or periodic conference calls.

The top three tools that survey respondents currently use to connect or network with other mobility management practitioners:

  1. Phone/email (82%);
  2. In-person events and conferences (80%); and
  3. State or Regional Mobility Management Networks (70%).

The top three tools that survey respondents would like to see improved or implemented to better assist them in connecting or networking with other mobility management practitioners are:

  1. In-person events and conferences (60%);
  2. Online forum/discussion board (58%); and
  3. State or regional mobility management networks (50%)

Over 57% of respondents already use 4 or more of the tools listed to connect and network with other mobility management practitioners. It is clear based on responses regarding current tools used and improved or newly implemented tools, mobility management practitioners prefer to have multiple tools they can use to connect and network with one another.