Who We Are

The National Center for Mobility Management is a national technical assistance center funded through a cooperative agreement with the Federal Transit Administration and operated through a consortium of three national organizations—the American Public Transportation Association, the Community Transportation Association of America, and Easterseals Inc. Learn more about us by downloading our brochure.

The mission of the Center is to promote customer-centered mobility strategies that advance good health, economic vitality, self-sufficiency, and community.

Key Activities

The Center’s primary activities support mobility management professionals, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grantees, and partners in adopting proven, sustainable, and replicable strategies that achieve its mission. These activities are described below.

  • Provide assistance to communities through dissemination of promising practices, a monthly e-newsletter, and customized technical assistance
  • Deliver in-person and web-based trainings, including webinars
  • Network with mobility management practitioners through several communication forums
  • Align and support the goals and activities of the Federal Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility (CCAM) and the Federal Transit Administration

NCMM Staff

Amy Conrick, NCMM Director, 202-415-9692
Areas of expertise: Innovation and human-centered design, health & transportation, veterans, and jobs and training
Liaison to FTA Regions 8 and 9

Kirby Wilhelm, Program Associate, 202-489-6020
Areas of expertise: Active transportation, environmental sustainability & transportation, housing & transportation
Liaison to FTA Region 6

William Reckley, Program Associate, 202-415-9682
Areas of expertise: Land use planning, transit-oriented development, housing and transportation, real estate, economic development
Liaison to FTA Region 2

Judy Shanley, NCMM Partner Director, 312-551-7227
Areas of expertise: Disability issues, career and workforce development, education and human services organizations, youth transition, shared-use mobility & individuals with disabilities, food & nutrition connections, systems change, program evaluation and performance measurement
Liaison to FTA Regions 1 and 5

Jerom Theunissen, Project Associate, 312-551-7228
Areas of Expertise: Transit-oriented development, human-centered design, micromobility, bicycling, complete streets, and integrated transport governance
Liaison to FTA Regions 4 and 7

Rich Weaver, NCMM Partner Director, 202-496-4809
Areas of Expertise: Urban transportation, new business and governance models for transit agencies on integrating new mobility, complete streets
Liaison to FTA Regions 3 and 10