NCMM Welcomes New Program Associate

  • Author: Kayla Casanova
  • Date: March 19, 2024

Kayla, a native of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has cultivated a profound passion for serving communities since her upbringing in the vibrant city. Growing up with easy access to transit via the MBTA, she developed an innate appreciation for the crucial role transportation plays in connecting people and communities.

Accompanied by her brother, who shares her fervor for transportation and works within the MBTA, Kayla would eagerly explore various cities’ train and bus systems whenever they traveled together.

Kayla graduated from Cambridge College with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies and has an extensive background in housing. She is excited to bring these skills to transit projects. She has always been committed to providing resources to those in need and has particularly focused on refugees, young adults and families.

Reflecting on her experiences, Kayla notes, “One challenge I consistently encountered was finding affordable housing situated near reliable transit options. All too often, affordable housing options were located far from accessible transportation routes, creating barriers for those without personal vehicles.”

Driven by her firsthand experiences, Kayla remains dedicated to bridging the gap between affordable housing and efficient transit access, advocating for equitable solutions that empower individuals and communities alike.


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