Collaborative Microtransit in Longmont, Colorado

  • Author: Kayla Casanova
  • Date: June 20, 2024

In Longmont, Colorado, addressing transportation gaps and enhancing accessibility has been a key priority for community stakeholders.

Recognizing the need for improved transit options and accessibility to essential services, various groups came together to spearhead the development of coordinated transportation services.

Main Stakeholders and Program Details

The initiative involved a diverse range of stakeholders, including human services organizations, community groups, affordable housing advocates, and local agencies like The OUR Center. When speaking to Phil Greenwald, Transportation Planning Manager for the City of Longmont, he mentioned the “need to provide transportation options for residents who couldn’t walk to downtown or other shopping areas and relied on transit for essential needs.”

The proposed microtransit program offers access to existing the four core fixed-routes covering 25 square miles, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the area. The city has previously worked to create a fixed-route program providing free bus rides to residents, workers, and visitors, enhancing accessibility for all.

Impact and Recognition

Longmont’s coordinated transportation services have garnered recognition for their achievements in improving mobility and accessibility. By leveraging technologies like the Transit app and buying up fares, the program has made significant strides in connecting residents to essential services and opportunities.

The microtransit program will have a transformative impact on the community. Residents will be able to improve access to transportation, enabling them to reach jobs, healthcare appointments, and other vital resources more easily.

Challenges and Future Directions

While the program is planning on achieving  significant success, it may also face challenges along the way. Ongoing efforts are focused on addressing remaining barriers to accessibility and expanding services to meet evolving community needs. Looking ahead, the future goals for Longmont’s transportation coordination program include further reducing reliance on cars, promoting car-free alternatives, and expanding transit options both within Longmont and beyond. By continuing to innovate and collaborate, Longmont serves as a model for other communities seeking to improve transportation equity and accessibility for all residents. This microtransit project is planning to be launched in the summer 2024.

Longmont’s coordinated transportation services exemplify the power of community collaboration and innovative approaches in addressing transportation challenges. By prioritizing accessibility and inclusivity, Longmont is paving the way for a more connected and vibrant community.


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