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Discussions with Mobility Management Professionals


Technology Decisions: The "When" and "How" of Effectively Utilizing a Consultant

October 2014. Marlene Connor, a consultant with experience in public transit, paratransit and other transportation services, and the Chair of the APTA Mobility Management Committee, thoughtfully considers emerging technologies, evolving consumer expectations, the role of the consultant, and how to maximize technology decisions and purchases by using a consultant. Read the transcript of Marlene's remarks.

Sponsorships and Donations as Funding Sources

September 2014. Good community partnerships help fund transit. In the case of Advance Transit, which operates in Vermont and New Hampshire, those partners are local businesses, a hospital, a college, and even riders. All these partners are aware that their fare-free transit system provides a valuable service to their region. In the podcast, our presenters discuss how Advance Transit leverages its service and physical spaces to support its operations. Advance Transit does not have advertisements; it has sponsorships and donations from riders. Think PBS. Read the transcript.


Catalog of Transportation Apps (What and Where)

August 2014. Three Upstate New York transportation professionals talk about transportation and transit apps and how they can be used in a small urban or rural area. To get a hold of this issue, they first set out (with the help of a savvy intern) to catalog transportation apps from coast to coast. They seek to maintain the catalog and foster a broad recognition of the value of transportation options that complement traditional transit service. The conversation also touched on how to use transportation dollars and publicly available transportation more efficiently. On the podcast are Jonathan Maddison, Way2Go Program Manager for the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Tompkins County; Jennifer Dotson, Executive Director of Ithaca CarShare, board member of Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT) and Chair of the Carsharing Association; and intern Shawn Fries, Way2Go Research Assistant. Read the transcript and view the catalog.


HIPAA, Privacy and Community and Public Transportation

August 2014. CTAA's Sheryl Gross-Glaser, director of the Partnership for Mobility Management, discusses the implications of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other privacy laws for various types of community and public transit agencies. We reference a recently-released TCRP Legal Research Digest on the topic, and cover additional information on HIPAA in plain English. Gross-Glaser, a lawyer, urges systems to think globally about privacy as well as the reasonable standards and training that all systems should consider.


View from Capitol Hill

August 2014. Insight into the MAP-21 and Highway Trust Fund extensions is provided by Scott Bogren, Communications Director and legislative specialist at CTAA. Scott talks in this podcast interview about what the recent legislation means and what mobility managers, transit and transportation professionals should be doing and focusing on now with the extensions set to expire on May 31, 2015. (Read the transcript.) Legislative developments relevant to transit and community transportation are regularly posted at CTAA's FedCentral and APTA's Legislative Updates and Alerts page.


Jennifer O'Brien

Jennifer O'Brien of Lawrence OnBoard.

Casual Ridesharing in Kansas

May 2014. Ridesharing in Kansas is featured in a podcast with Jennifer O'Brien of Lawrence OnBoard, a roadside system being developed to allow for a safe and easy experience. In this mostly rural area, the goal is to create a new mode of publicly available transportation. (Read the transcript.) Note: Since our podcast, Lawrence OnBoard has joined with Carma, a carpooling app company, to build on the original safe hitchhiking idea, but with a new name: CarmaHop. Learn more here. You can also listen to Jennifer O'Brien explaining her idea at a TedX talk in August 2014 (scroll to minute 41:40 of the TEDxKC Act 2 -- 8 minute duration).


Using Videos and YouTube to Promote Stories of Your Work

Tim Egan, a mobility manager at Outreach in San Jose, CA, takes videos of the people Outreach serves. On the Outreach YouTube channel are videos of people using a bench at a bus stop, of seniors riding tricycles, and riders to a luncheon for World War II POWs. Tim tells how he got started, what he films and how to edit videos. An earlier NCMM blog post, Videos with Heart, focuses on a few of Outreach's videos of its mobility-enhancing projects.

Tim also describes the benefits of having a YouTube channel. It's easy to create your own YouTube channel. If you search the internet for "youtube channel information," plenty of how-to pages will pop up that go more in depth about how to sign up for, design, and use a YouTube channel webpage, as well as how to embed and share videos. View a transcript of Tim's remarks.

Travel Training Encourages Transit Use Among ImmigrantTARC travel trainer on bus teaching new immigrant riders how to use the bus system.s

Immigrants quickly become transit users because they need to get around in their new towns and cities. In this podcast, mobility manager Nancy Snow (Transit Authority of River City, Louisville, KY), discusses travel training for refugee and migration populations, both directly and in a train-the-trainer format. She talks about the range of transit experience and about working with organizations that serve our nation's newest newcomers. Read a transcript of Nancy Snow's remarks.


Engaging AmeriCorps Volunteers in Mobility Management

Training mobility management professionals and stretching scarce funding dollars can both be achieved through the AmeriCorps program. Listen to Nick Cecconi, a mobility manager in Binghamton, N.Y., who started in transportation via Americorps and now uses AmeriCorps members as mobility managers during their one year of service. He discusses the benefits and costs of taking advantage of this unique program. Read a transcript of Nick's remarks.


Training New Leaders in Mobility Management

Our inaugural NCMM podcast is a 2013 interview with Dwight Mengel of Tompkins County Dept. of Social Services in Ithaca, NY. Dwight, a member of the Partnership for Mobility Management advisory committee, discusses a natural leaders program. The program finds, trains, and engages people who are natural leaders in their communities. The podcast is just one idea that was featured in the Inclusive Planning and Design webinar on February 12, 2014. Read a transcript of Dwight's remarks. Click here for more resources relating to this webinar.