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Rides to Wellness Summit 2015

On March 11, 2015, a dedicated group of healthcare and transportation professionals gathered to explore strategies to eliminate one of the largest barriers to healthcare access for millions of Americans: the lack of transportation.

Tyler Norris Addresses Summit Participants

Tyler Norris, Vice President, Total Health Partnerships, Kaiser Permanente

The event, sponsored by the NCMM, was implemented through the collaboration of  member agencies of the federal Coordinated Council on Access and Mobility, including the Departments of Transportation, Health and Human Services, and Agriculture along with NCMM staff.


Therese McMillan, Acting FTA Administrator

Participating in this half-day summit were healthcare executives, transportation executives, as well as medical transportation experts and policymakers. The keynote speakers and small group discussions explored areas in which the health and transportation sectors could collaborate to improve transportation access to healthcare.

This healthcare transportation summit was the inaugural event of the Federal Transit Administration's "Rides to Wellness" initiative, a key component of the agency's Ladders of Opportunity program.

We encourage you to learn more about the FTA Rides-to-Wellness initiative and contact the FTA to become involved in this opportunity to improve community members' health through better access to healthcare services.

Maureen Pero speaks to Summit

Maureen Pero, Vice President, Federal Affairs & Policy, CareSource


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Listen to the presenters and view their presentations

  • Welcome, by Michael P. Melaniphy, President & CEO, American Public Transportation Association (video and transcript)
  • Introduction to the 1st panel, Henrika Buchanan-Smith, Associate Administrator Office of Program Management, Federal Transit Administration (video and transcript)
    • Remarks by Therese McMillan, Acting Administrator, Federal Transit Administration (video and transcript)
    • Remarks by Kathy Greenlee, Administrator, Administration for Community Living (HHS) (video and transcript)
    • Remarks by Audrey Rowe, Administrator, Food and Nutrition Service (USDA) (video and transcript)
  • Introduction to the 2nd panel, "Transportation and Healthcare Perspectives in Access to Care," Flora M. Castillo, APTA Board Member, New Jersey Transit (video and transcript)
    • Tyler Norris, Vice President of Total Health Partnerships, Kaiser Permanente, "The Importance of Transportation Access in the Changing World of Healthcare" (video, slides, and transcript)
    • Maureen Pero, Vice President, Federal Affairs & Policy, CareSource Management Group, "Voice of the Customer/Patient in the Paradigm of Person-Directed Mobility and Healthcare" (video, slides, and transcript)
    • Matt Hansen, Manager of Customer Communications and Services, King County Metro Transit, "Where Collaboration Across Health and Transportation Works" (video and transcript)

Read the summit proceedings (to be posted soon)