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NCMM releases New State of the State Report

NCMM’s Statewide Mobility Management: Factors Affecting the Creation and Success of Networks study and report examines those characteristics that sustain state mobility management networks. Researchers interviewed leaders of established networks to learn about such factors as network origins, funding sources, career paths of mobility management professionals, and network typologies. This study is a follow-up to the original study documented in the 2018, Mobility Management: State of the States Report that identified general features of mobility management networks.  


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NCMM releases Social Isolation Report

NCMM contracted with the University of Minnesota to investigate the hypothesis that a lack of transportation can be shown to be associated with incidences of social isolation among older adults; specifically, that a lack of mobility directly affects patterns of social engagement by dictating people’s access to resources, amenities, and socializing opportunities. A second part of that premise is that an improvement in older adults’ access to transportation services that fit their needs—with regard to affordability, convenience, and safety—will meaningfully increase their access to life-sustaining activities. The University’s research focused on this research question: How can public transportation be used as a preventive intervention tool to address the potentially harmful effects of social isolation? 

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The Administration for Community Living needs your feedback!

  1. Address the holistic needs of older adults and people with disabilities through program coordination and integration with health care financing and delivery; and
  2. Support partnerships across health care and social service organizations to improve health care outcomes and lower costs by effectively addressing social determinants of health.

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New seminar series on Emerging Mobility Systems and Services by E4MS

Human mobility in congested city centers is a complex dynamical system with high density of population, many transport modes to compete for limited available space and many operators that try to efficiently manage different parts of this system. New emerging modes of transportation, such as ride-hailing and on-demand services, and new technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, create additional opportunities, but also more complexity. 

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FTA releases new video thanking transit workers.