Volunteer Driver Programs

2018 Transportation Trends Volunteer Transportation Programs (National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC), 2018). This report is full of links to resources and ideas for successfully operating a volunteer transportation program. The report focuses on four case studies to address volunteer driver programs in the contexts of "1) funding, 2) community support and collaboration, and 3) measuring and sharing impact." Lots of practical information is included from the perspective of the four case study programs that provide service in varied types of communities and in different parts of the U.S. NADTC has also produced a list of its resources for volunteer transportation programs. There are case studies and tips for easy implementation, along with other materials.

Screenshot: 50 State Volunteer Provider Map


Map of Volunteer Transportation Providers (National Volunteer Transportation Center, 2018). A map that provides a listing of volunteer transportation providers in each state.




Coordinated Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for Seniors (Community Transportation Association of America, 2007).  Reports on Women on Wheels (WoW), a pilot project of The Women's Fund, a component of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham and the United Way of Central Alabama (pp. 9–13 contain clear information on liability, risk management, and volunteer management).

Volunteer Drivers Guide: A Guide to Best Practices (Washington State Agency Council on Coordinated Transportation, 2004; updated periodically).  A comprehensive guide that provides a framework for developing and maintaining volunteer driver programs, including a look at liability and insurance issues.

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