Community Mobility Design Challenge 2022

Community Mobility Design Challenge 2022

A vibrant community is one where all residents are empowered to pursue economic, health, and social well being. The National Center for Mobility Management (NCMM) recognizes the vital role transportation plays in all activities that support the empowerment of individuals across the board. Yet often community transportation systems lack the resources and/or strategies to provide the level of mobility to residents that they would like to.

NCMM’s Community Mobility Design Challenge 2022 grants, with funding from the Federal Transit Administration, will support communities in seeking innovative ways to address the personal well-being of community members that face transportation barriers to recreation and physical activities, healthy food, personal safety, economic opportunity, or community and peer support opportunities. 

Grant Timeline

Application Released  —  June 15

Informational Webinar  —  June 23 at 1:00pm ET                               

Application Deadline  —  July 15 by 11:59pm ET

Accepted Applicants notified  —  Early September 

Projects Completed  —  February 2023

Goals of the Grant

The goal of the NCMM Community Mobility Design Challenge 2022 is to enable multi-sector community teams to develop promising mobility solutions that are inspired and informed by the results of community research. Communities should be entering the Design Challenge with a clear, well-researched understanding of the needs in their community, not a proposed solution.

Once the work of this Design Challenge 2022 is complete, teams will have designed a solution and determined its feasibility, potential effectiveness, and financial sustainability.


The applicant organization must be a nonprofit organization or a government agency that is able to receive, or be a subrecipient of, federal funding. Teams who have previously received an NCMM Design Challenge grant are not eligible to apply for this opportunity.

How to Apply

Deadline for receipt of application: July 15, 2022, 11:59 PM ET. A complete application will be a single PDF document, combining all of the above components. Application packages should be emailed to William Reckley,, by the submittal deadline. Applications submitted via other methods will not be considered. Questions during the application period can also be addressed to William Reckley,; answers will be posted here.

Frequently Asked Questions

All questions pertaining to the Community Mobility Design Challenge grant and application process will be answered here. Please send questions to William Reckley at

  1. Do you have examples of past projects?
    Yes! You can read about a few pat planning grantees on our blog.
  2. If my organization represents a multi-jurisdictional region, do I need a team member from each?
    No, while having representation can be helpful, it is not required. 
  3. Where will the workshops be held? 
    The workshops are held in the community highlighted in the grant application. NCMM will work with selected teams to schedule the workshops during the kick-off phase in September. 
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