Newly Released

New Report: "The Hidden Risk of Cutting Medicaid NEMT: An Examination of Transportation Service Interdependency at the Community Level"

For the fourth time in three years, an NEMT-focused essay appeared on the Health Affairs Blog, the most prestigious forum for essays and short pieces on health policy topics. The most recent essay, published on January 14, was co-authored by Michael Adelberg of the Medical Transportation Access Coalition, Scott Bogren of the Community Transportation Association of America, and Alexandra King, also from CTAA. The authors argue that non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is interwoven into the services provided by our nation’s local transportation agencies, which often serve as key NEMT ride providers. The authors further note that curtailing Medicaid NEMT would have significant negative consequences on local transportation services beyond Medicaid.

New report from AARP: Mobility Managers Transportation: Coordinators for Older Adults, People with Disabilities, Veterans, and Other Members of the Riding Public. This paper addresses who mobility managers are and what they do—and why they are important now and in the future. It highlights emerging innovations via five case studies. It also presents the results of a national survey and inventory of mobility managers, and it discusses how mobility management can lead a transformation in transportation.

2. Mobility Management Forum 2019

For those who missed the Mobility Management Forum at CTAA's Expo in Palm Springs, catch up on the morning sessions with our videos:

In addition, here are some videos from the Expo's innovation track:

3. Rural Philanthropy Toolkit (Rural Health Information Hub 2019). Developed with partners at the NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis, this toolkit compiles model programs and resources and provides guidance to assist in preparing for partnerships with philanthropies, conducting outreach to philanthropies, and establishing and sustaining relationships with philanthropies.

4. A Guidebook for Communications between Transportation and Public Health Communities (AASHTO Committee on Environment and Sustainability, 2019). A user-friendly guidebook for state and local transportation professionals that identifies the challenges and best practices for successful communication and collaboration between transportation and public health professionals. The guidebook highlights the mission and processes of each community to enable a fundamental understanding between the professional communities.