A personal account from a Bridges Getting Ahead graduate

  • Date: 07/01/2024

Poverty… it sucks. Nelson Mandela gave his famous speech nearly 20 years ago calling for our world leaders to make poverty history. He urges us, “Do not look the other way; do not hesitate. Recognize that the world is hungry for action, not words. Act with courage and vision.”

Let’s break it down. In 2005, 37 MILLION people lived at or below the poverty threshold. 7.7 million of this group were the working poor… people who did everything in their power to change their situation, still couldn’t. I am just one in those millions.

We can keep talking about doing something. Keep telling the poor to get a job. Keep judging the single mom. Keep criticizing those asking for help. We can keep watching that number go up.

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