Amazon Launches Alexa Public Transit Tools Nationwide

  • Date: 01/24/2022

Amazon has introduced public transportation tools for Alexa across the U.S. after almost a year of testing. The Alexa Transit features brings information and real-time updates for more than 450 public transportation agencies.

Alexa’s public transportation tools debuted in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, San and Newark and the Jersey City area last year. The success of those tests has led to the vast expansion of the voice assistant’s databases on bus and train stations, how to navigate them, and how to use public transit to commute or reach interesting places nearby. Users can connect their Alexa accounts, fill in their home and work locations and get answers about their commute or the best directions to get to either destination. Alexa can also answer questions about specific trains and buses, including their status should they be slowed or suspended for some reason. When asked, Alexa will give directions by car or public transit to specific addresses or notable tourist destinations by voice or in visual form on a smartphone. With the U.S. rollout underway, the next stage will be international.

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