Bicycle Commuters Experience Joy But Motorists Would Much Rather Teleport

  • Author: Carlton Reid
  • Source: Forbes
  • Date: 01/20/2020

"“I travel for travel’s sake,” wrote the Scottish travel writer Robert Louis Stevenson in 1879. “The great affair is to move,” he asserted. He was describing a walking journey in France but his concept of it being better to travel than to arrive is one that is shared by modern pedestrians, and by cyclists, too.

The self-propelled, new research has found, would not jump at the chance of arriving at their destination a millisecond after leaving.

The science fiction concept of teleportation has a long history, starting in at least the 1870s, and, as scientists demonstrated in 2017, could one day be realized for human travel. (Chinese researchers “teleported” information from Earth 300 miles into space—but don’t get too excited, the information was photon-sized.)"

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