Citilink van service takes riders straight to work

  • Date: 09/22/2022

A new Citilink program is underway that will provide assistance for residents getting to and from work. Citilink will partner with Businesses to provide a way for employees to get to work using a van, through a carpool-like system through the Joblink Vanpool Program.

Vanpool participants will have a lot of freedom, such as being able to communicate with each other as a group to see who will be the driver and where they will meet. Citilink Officials say it will be up to the Employer and Participants to make those decisions.

Costs such as gas, insurance and maintenance will be provided through the program by Citilink, the Employer, and Vanpool participants paying a monthly fee. There will also be a website where participants can log in, register, schedule their ride and manage costs.

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