• Date: 01/31/2022

CitySwift, the Galway-based leader in data and machine learning for the public transport sector, is expanding its operations to North America in partnership with the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), North America’s largest public transport operator.

CitySwift will help the MTA embrace data in smart, innovative ways to improve bus services and support COVID-19 recovery in New York City. As new mobility patterns emerge, there is a lot to learn from big data about changing trends and how best to plan and shape bus services for the future. “Data has the power to transform the economics of the bus sector and help attract a new generation of passengers. It’s the key to delivering frequent, fast, reliable services that meet the needs of the modern bus user and offer an attractive, affordable and sustainable alternative to the private car. It will enable the MTA to offer faster journey times, and optimise frequency by intelligently matching vehicle supply with passenger demand.

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