Electric vehicle carshare program provides affordable option for low-income residents

  • Date: 02/22/2024

The City of Albuquerque Sustainability Office and partners Forth, PNM, and Sol Housing have launched the Affordable Mobility Platform (AMP) electric vehicle carshare pilot project today at PAH! Hiland Plaza apartment community. The launch represents the first site in the southwest region in a national community Electric Vehicle (EV) carsharing program.

As the demand for clean emissions vehicles continues to grow, it is crucial that all communities have access to sustainable transportation options. While public transportation like buses plays a vital role in meeting transportation needs, it does not always address the individualized requirements of every resident. Electric vehicle carsharing programs like AMP fill this gap by providing affordable, convenient, and environmentally friendly transportation solutions tailored to the specific needs of frontline communities.

Using an online reservation system called MDO Carshare, residents, staff, and community members can sign up and rent the two vehicles stationed at Hiland Plaza for trips for $5/hour or $50/day. Low-income users qualify for discounted rates. EV charging is also available on site.

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