Generative AI Is Coming To The Transportation Industry-Is It Ready?

  • Date: 03/04/2024

Unlike traditional forecasting technologies that focus on analyzing existing data in discreet, closed systems, generative AI delves into the realm of ideas and creation visualizing in real time what is possible and then back it up with how, when & where. It’s accessibility to different users of different backgrounds is what makes it special. It can be utilized by vehicle designers, urban planners, community advocates, policy makers and the business community in real time. This access unlocks information, access and collaboration on levels not yet seen before.

Most people are not well-versed in understanding policy documents with all their jargon or two dimensional design, architectural or construction plans, site plans or color coded neighborhood zoning maps. But people generally understand images and video with sound. As generative AI utilizes powerful algorithms to analyze massive datasets and generate entirely new, realistic data it can show people of different levels of understanding how the world around them might look and feel using images and video in real time.

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