Inaccessible Transportation Personal Stories Of Transportation Barriers Told By Alabama’s Disabled

  • Date: 11/08/2023

Virtual forum convened on November 6, 2023 presented by the League of Women Voters of Alabama and the National Federation of the Blind of Alabama/ An accessible and reliable public transportation system is crucial to ensuring that disabled people of color and those most marginalized by ableism and other forms of oppression can participate in Alabama’s economy and democracy. This panel will explore some of the barriers that exist as well as the long term obstacles that have prevented Alabama from being able to address the problems. The panelists will also discuss possible solutions and how people can advocate for positive changes. Panelists include: Storytellers: Jill Rossitor; Barbara Manuel; Lawrence Povinelli, Jenny Lux; Zippora Jones; Percy Garrett Other Panelists: Dev Wakeley Alabama Arise; John Northrop Alabama Coalition For Transit; Neil Rafferty AL State Representative HD54

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