Move Minneapolis offers consulting service for those going multimodal

  • Date: 02/19/2024

Called Customized Consultations, the 15-minute virtual or phone sessions are designed to help the uninitiated become comfortable with making sustainable trips by taking the bus, carpool, bike, scooter — or hoofing it.

"We don't imply that nobody should ever use a car to get anywhere," said outreach specialist Catherine Windyk. "Sometimes they need to drive, and alone. We want people to know their options and what would work best for them."

The free service is available to anyone who lives or works in downtown Minneapolis. It also can be used by people in the suburbs who need to come downtown for appointments, want to take in a show, see the Timberwolves or for any other reason. There has to be a connection to downtown, Windyk said.

In the webinar "How to Plan a Multimodal Trip in the Twin Cities" Move Minneapolis held last week, Windyk, with help from four panelists who get around mostly without a car, highlighted several tools for multimodal trip planning.

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