Munich and Nuremberg Implementing Stricter Regulations for E-Scooters

  • Date: 04/22/2024

Munich and Nuremberg are set to introduce tighter regulations for e-scooters in response to concerns over uncontrolled parking. In an effort to curb the indiscriminate placement of rental scooters, they will only be permitted to be parked in designated zones within city centers moving forward. Munich's mobility department has announced plans to establish 675 parking spaces across the city by 2026. A department spokesperson stated, "Rental processes can only be concluded within these designated parking areas. Parking outside these zones will not be allowed, and rental charges will continue to accrue." The department aims for a mid-term objective where micromobility vehicles can only be parked in designated areas in densely populated urban zones with narrow sidewalks, typically less than 1.80 meters wide.

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