New era of public transportation in Ireland moves toward MaaS

  • Date: 05/02/2024

Technology company Indra plans to integrate its innovative technology across the entire Irish public transport network. This extensive network includes trams, buses, trains, and the upcoming Dublin MetroLink. To achieve this, Indra will implement a multimodal backend system designed to simplify the integration of various transport operators. The company will set up and manage both online and in-person sales channels. A new ticketing system fully designed to be accessible to all public transport users.

Indra will also take over the financial management of fare collection. How ? By equipping the network with state-of-the-art sales, validation, and control devices. User support, as well as the maintenance, logistics, and operation of the complete system, will be ensured.

In order to reduce waiting times, the press release states that the project will integrate several advanced technologies, including the use of bank cards, mobile phones, or smartwatches. Indra is currently collaborating with the National Transport Authority (NTA) to plan the deployment of this new system.

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