Re-thinking passenger experience as a pillar of transit recovery

  • Date: 02/23/2024

I have been thinking a lot about transit recovery in the post-pandemic world. To sum up my previous thoughts:

  • The old peak-centric model of relying on the 9-5 five-day workweek is gone
  • Transit agencies can’t rely on employer return-to-office mandates and park-and-rides to save them
  • The new transit normal will focus more on decentralization but that doesn’t mean less density: stronger commercial and residential neighborhood centers with more corridor growth is warranted
  • Service reliability is key and requires reliable operator staffing and fleet availability

One other concern that has been on the minds of transit riders and advocates alike, albeit a more sensitive one, is the issue of crime, homelessness, and drug use aboard transit. I concede this can trigger a politically-charged debate, but I think there can be a valuable takeaway that all can agree on

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