Sound Transit (EA) To Launch Digital Assistant and Accessible Wayfinding Tools Late This Fall

  • Date: 10/09/2023

Sound Transit plans to deliver the first phases of two passenger-facing technologies late this fall. A new digital assistant tool will launch on mobile and web apps to provide users access to regional trip planning and service alerts. The agency will also be launching a pilot accessible wayfinding tool to navigate stations.

Marie Olson, head of the rider experience and innovation teams, explained how the digital assistant tools, dubbed “Sound RideGuide,” are different from popular third-party transit apps like Google Maps.

“Third-party applications are not fully accessible for passengers who use screen reading technology,” Olson said. “Commercial providers may not include landmarks or stop identifications that transit passengers use. Third parties don’t offer interactive support and direct communication or connection through passenger care.”

Olson further contrasted future digital assistant features from third-party apps by noting that third-party apps don’t integrate with the ORCA payment system or provide in-station walking or rolling instructions.

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